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Pi Day!!!

Pi Day      Pi Day

Pi Day      Pi Day

Pi Day      Pi Day

1A-Algebra 1 uses classtime to write stories about a mountain climber; some with disastrous endings.

1A-1      1A-2


1A-4     1A-5

4B - Algebra 1 works to figure out "Who Killed Mr. Bielema?" They determined it was Mr. Smith with the Bat in the Gym. The other three classes found that it was Mrs. Landes with Scissors in the Office, Mrs. Blunt with a Poison Apple in the Library, or Mr. Guthrie via Electrocution in the Hallway.

4B-1      4B-2

4B-3       4B-4

3rd Hour Algebra 2 works on homework:

Algebra 2 (1)      Algebra 2 (2)

Most of 3B Algebra 1 is working, but Morgan and Stephanie are too excited for that:

3B -1          3b -2