Parent Letter for Mrs. Popkin’s Fifth Grade

My name is Marie Popkin and I am your child’s teacher this year.  I would like to share some things with you about our classroom.  If there are still questions you need answered, please feel free to contact me in person.

EMAIL:  The parent newsletter is sent home by email on Fridays.  

SPECIAL PROBLEMS:          If your child is on any medication or has any special problems which may affect his performance, attitude, or even his health, please let me know in writing.  This will help me deal more fairly with problems that might arise.

SNACK BREAK:        We have a snack break each morning.  I allow the students to eat things like fruit, vegetables, cheese or crackers at this time.  Please, healthy snacks only.  No sweets or junk food will be allowed for snacks.

BIRTHDAYS:  Your child may bring treats on their birthday.  I ask that you just send enough for the entire class and send napkins if the treats are messy.  At the current time we have 25 students, 1 teacher, and 1 high school aide.  

BOOK ORDERS:        Each month I will be sending home book and software orders.  You may order from any or all as you wish.  If you send cash, please make sure it is in an envelope marked with your child’s name on it.  Checks should be made out directly to the book club. Book ordering can also be done on-line on the class web page and paid for by credit card.  Thanks! 

DISCIPLINE:              The new discipline policy outlined in the student handbook will be followed.

HOMEWORK/ET:            Assignments are due as per teacher instructions.  Please read and discuss the new homework policy with your child.

 PAPERS:         All corrected work will be sent home in a take home folder on the last school day of the week.  The folder needs to be looked over.  

 TESTS :           All tests will be sent home.  Tests do NOT have to be signed.  Please check your child's grades online.  If you need help with this let me know and I will happy to help!.

 AR:                  10 points a month are required for AR.  AR will  be part of the reading grade.