Famous Person Project


Famous Person: _______________________________________________


Your project is due on May 10th.  DO NOT wait until the last minute.  This is an extensive project and cannot be completed in a few days!!!! Please note that some partsof the project WILL BE DONE IN CLASS!   Only complete the home assignments at home.  Follow the directions exactly.  All parts must be included for full credit.  It must be turned in on time.  LATE PROJECTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!  We will begin presenting the projects May 11th.


1.       Find a shoe box (or a box of similar size) and decorate it.  The decorations must somehow be related to your famous person.  For example, if your person was Amelia Earhart you might use airplanes.

2.       Using an 8 X 11 piece of paper make a collage of pictures of your famous person.  Put it in the box.



3.       Find or draw a picture of your famous person.  Put it in the box.

4.       Find or draw a picture of your famous person with her/his family.  Put it in the box.

5.       Include a map of the area of the world that was significant to your famous person.  Mark and label the places which were important to your person. Put the map in the box.

 6.       Make a pocket out of paper or material.  Put 2 things in the pocket that relate to your famous person.  You must be able to explain why  these 2 items are significant.  Put the pocket with the 2 items in the box.

 7.       Pretend you are a news reporter.  Interview your famous person.  Ask at least 5 questions.  You may do this in writing, into a tape recorder, or on video.  You may have someone help you by pretending to be your famous person or the reporter.  Put the interview in the box.

8.       Pretend you are a relative of this famous person.  Write a letter to your famous person during a significant time in this person’s life.  You can make up an address.  Your letter must be correctly written with all the right parts.  Check your English book.  (p. 317-318)

 9.       Make a receipt that might be found in your famous person’s billfold.  It should be for something that person would have needed to buy.  It should reflect the costs of things at that time in history, not today’s prices.  You can find these costs on the internet.  Be sure to look at a receipt to see what kinds of things are on one. Put the receipt in the box.

10.     Design a birth announcement your person’s parents might have sent.  It should reflect your person’s accomplishments and personality.  Put it in the box.

11.     Write an obituary that might appear in the paper telling about your person’s death.   Put it in the box.

Your box will be graded in the following manner. Please remember, in order to get full points in any category, your spelling and punctuation must be correct.  Your work must be neat and show effort.


Project Part

Possible Points

Decorated Box

10 points

Picture of person

10 points

Picture of person with family

10 points


10 points

Pocket with 2 items

15 points

8 x 11 collage

15 points


15 points


10 points


10 points

Birth Announcement

10 points

Timeline 10 points


10 points


20 points

Total Points

155 points