Can-Do Checks
For October

1. Count to 30 by 1's
2. Trace first name 
3. know parents names
4. name shapes
5. Identify and sequence #'s 0-5
6. know first and last name
7. know address
8. know phone number
9. know birthday
10. color neatly
11. know left and right

Practice sound books that are coming home.
The sound of e is tricking a lot of us - think of excellent or egg when you are practicing with your child.

Reading Racers
Everyone needs to be on Lap 3 by the end of the quarter.  Practice at home!

Sight Words

I ,     see ,    like
yellow,  red, green,  black, pink, brown

Tricky Words

 me   be  we  she  he  the   I