Enter the M.E.S.S.

Morrison Entrepreneurship School Store

The Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors of the Entrepreneurship class brainstormed ideas and made group presentations to the class campaigning for their idea for the store name.  The acronym M.E.S.S. stands for Morrison Entrepreneurship School Store.

The basic idea for the store is to supply a minimum of typical daily school supplies for students/teachers/staff who may need them on an ASAP basis.  We hope to be able to expand the basic inventory to include specific items such as aprons for the Foods classes and school spirit items currently sold by Student Council.

The store was created in the spring of the 2004-05 school year and is open throughout the school day to interested students/faculty/staff.

At the present time store business is operated out of a closet in the F&CS room with plans to expand to a portable, locked storage facility that could be moved to different parts of the school depending on the need and/or desire of future classes.

The experience is giving the students a basic understanding about questions and tasks that need to be considered when beginning a small business.  They talked about the type of merchandise needed and conducted a survey to gather information from teachers about specific class needs, the amount of inventory they would like to have on hand, ways to market the merchandise, how to price items, and how to advertise the grand opening.

Order forms can be picked up any time of the day from Room 102 or printed by following the link noted here:  M.E.S.S. form.
The completed forms need to be included with the money in an envelope and returned to Mrs. Simmons.  Orders will be filled and delivered by the next Homeroom.

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