Family & Consumer Science

Course Descriptions

Foods & Nutrition I
Introduction to nutrition and the basic principle of food preparation is the focus of this course.  Units covered may include nutritional needs, safeguards in the kitchen, equipment, terminology, quick breads, vegetables, fruits, eggs, cookies, and foods made with various cereal grains.
Foods & Nutrition II
The course provides an advanced study of nutrition and the principles of food preparation and kitchen management.  Lab experiences may include cakes, pastries, yeast breads, candies, beef, pork, and poultry.
Clothing & Textiles I
Beginning class in principles of clothing construction. The class will consist of worksheets, samples, 2-3 small projects, with minimal work on the sergers and embroidery machine.
Clothing & Textiles II
Advanced course in the principles of clothing construction and independent sewing.  The class will consist of worksheets, samples, 2-4 projects, work on the serger, and embroidery machine.
This class is a study in the importance of the family unit, expected development of the child, and crises faced by parents and children.  Electronic babies may be assigned for 1 night.
Child Development
This class is an introduction to the theories of child development and a study of the development of children and how to enhance this progression in the day care situation.  A "Playschool" is organized and operated for the last 6-8 weeks with each student being the Teacher For A Day: planning and executing lessons plans for 3-5 year olds for one 85 minute period.  Electronic babies may be assigned for 4 nights.
Adult Living
The course introduces students to concepts of living on their own and may include these units: Leadership, Relationships, Apartment Hunting, Budgeting, Car Buying, Job Searches, Basic Sewing, and Basic Cooking.
Living Environment
This is a course that provides a study of housing needs with attention given to design techniques.  Each student is responsible for the completion of a semester-long Dream House project using blueprint skills and decorating techniques learned throughout the semester.
The course is designed to develop and guide the students' creative energies as they build their own enterprises.  This program is intended to build skills in entrepreneurial processes, and then tie those processes to successful management concepts and operations.
Food & Fitness
Emphasis will be on healthy, active living.  The days may be a combination of healthy habits related to food and lifestyle with possible days of mild exercise and/or low impact aerobic activities.  Other units covered will be fad diets, eating disorders, exercise programs, and noting carbohydrates, fat grams, and calories.
Cultural Cuisine
The course will introduce students to meal patterns and food preparation methods in other regions of the U.S. as well as countries around the world.
Family & Technology
The course is designed to prepare the students for the 21st century.  Emphasis will be placed on the latest technology as it relates to the home and family.
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